March 1, 2017

Anna Maria Hubner

Anna Maria Hubner
Advertising & Marketing Communication Specialist

In 1995, BSY Associates was short a key player and Anna Maria was ready to fill the role. Winning Barbara over with her charm, comedic timing and of course, talent, she was just the pinch hitter the team needed.

After several years at BSYA, Anna Maria was determined to spread her wings and made the very difficult decision to leave to pursue additional opportunities within the industry. She spent 12 years at The Hertz Corporation, leaving to take on her most important assignment—raising her son.

Many years later, her dedication to BSY Associates did not fade and she returned once again ready to fill the role. As a seasoned Advertising & Marketing Communication Specialist, she has over 20 years experience. Her areas of expertise include creative services, brand marketing, program & campaign marketing, design & line advertising. In addition a plethora of expertise she possesses a passion for all levels of special event planning.