January 20, 2017

Global Connections


Our experience in the trade and transportation industry takes us across the globe and back again.

Understanding the commercial connections that make our world smaller is an important driver of a competitive advantage today.

Appreciating cultural differences is even more significant.

BSYA works with clients, local and abroad to raise awareness in world markets by developing comprehensive business plans for marketing, communications, public relations, advertising, trade missions and corporate events.

Our international work includes:

– Helping to build a small Taiwanese container shipping company in 1975 into one of the leading logistics and transportation conglomerates in the world

– Introducing a newly developed port in China to American importers and exporters via a cross-country trade mission

– Promoting a fledgling Eastern Canadian harbor to the U.S. container shipping industry

– Representing an 820-year-old port, German’s largest, after the fall of the Iron Curtain to enhance its market position

– Developing marketing communications program to bring news and information about North American services and facilities entities in six continents.